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About Us

Data Research & Mapping Consult


Brief Profile of DRMC

Data Research and Mapping Consult Ltd (DRMC) is a private organization registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in April 2007 with the registration number – RC:687723. The firm was established to provide professional consultancy services in the areas of Capacity Building, Research, Survey Design (sampling design & sample selection), GIS Mapping, Development of Scientific Articles, Recruitment & Training of Data Collectors, Conduct Listing of Households using up-to-date Sampling Frame of Enumeration Areas, Facility Mapping/Assessment, Data Processing, Field Management/Data Collection (Qualitative & Quantitative), Project Reviews/Assessment/Evaluation, Training on Cartography/Production of Cartographic Maps, Data Analysis and Report Writing, Organization of Dissemination Workshop, etc.

Since its establishment, DRMC has carried out a lot of research activities (both quantitative and qualitative) at varying scales ranging from small to large. It has its head office in Abuja, Nigeria with presence in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. This is aimed at facilitating smooth implementation of fieldwork and other data collection activities in the states within the zones.

DRMC has a pool of Research Assistants for both qualitative and quantitative who have been trained, tested and trusted on both types of research activities across all the thirty-six states of the country and the Federal Capital Territory.

The firm is endowed with personnel who possess adequate skills to implement research activities at all tiers (communities/LGAs/States/Federal) of government in Nigeria and West African Countries. The personnel of DRMC and its Associate Partners are from diverse background ranging from Statisticians/Biostatisticians, Demographers, Sampling experts, Geographers/Cartographers, Sociologists, Laboratory Scientists, Medical doctors, Computer Scientists, Midwives/Nurses, etc. Recently, DRMC has witnessed an expansion in activities by conducting research activities in all the ECOWAS countries.


Our Vision
To be a “performing professional outfit maximizing the satisfaction of our clients at all times”. By this, we will continue to demonstrate effectiveness, efficiency, resourcefulness, creativity, innovation, and reliability in the services we render to clients.
Our Mission
“To increase clients’ competence, ability and capacity in research, Data processing and GIS processing through innovative and participatory based approaches”.

Our Strategy


We collaborate with organizations, individuals and communities to provide cost effective and sustainable solutions to problems. We collaborate because we believe and are convinced that problems and solutions are best defined and determined through effective collaborations.


We are committed to being innovative in our approaches to service delivery. We recognize the fact that it is a risky venture but provides basis for maximizing learning and breakthroughs.


We adopt participatory approaches in service delivery to enhance client’s participation and ownership of initiatives, solutions or projects. Participatory approaches with the right facilitation and attitude empowers a client to be part of the problem solving that concerns him or her. In this sense, the client can develop self confidence and be self reliant to deal with a range of other issues.

Cost Effective Services

We maintain a small and compact structure to minimize overhead cost as a leverage to operate at highly competitive fee rates as well as providing cost effective services to our clients.

Demand Driven Services

 We offer both generic and specific demand driven training/services to meet the critical needs of clients. While we believe that demand driven services provide high opportunity for sustainability, we are also convinced that generic services equally have potentials in addressing other “hidden” needs of the client


We work in partnership with high quality associate consultants to execute services. Development issues are broad and multi dimensional. We therefore believe we should develop partnership and work with quality associate consultants to increase synergy, effectiveness and efficiency.

Meet The Team

DRMC Core Team

The core team coordinates day to day management of the organization
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Taiwo Olasupo Adekanmbi , B.Sc., M.Sc.
Director of ICT and Head of Data Management Team

Taiwo is the Director of ICT and Head of Data Management Team. He obtains B.Sc. (Statistics, Unilorin), PGD (Computer Science, Unilag), Cert. Soc Stat (Southampton, UK) & M.Sc. (Statistics, Unilag). Taiwo has built his career as both a Statistician and Data Manager using CSPro, SPSS and STATA.

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Inuwa Bakari JALINGO, B.Sc., M.Sc.
of Qualitative Research and Coordinator of Northern Teams

Inuwa is the Director of Qualitative Research and Coordinator of Northern Teams. He obtains B.Sc. (Geography, ABU) & M.Sc. (Sociology). Currently he is pursuing his Ph.D. programme at the Bayero University of Kano. Inuwa had served in various capacities at the National Population Commission, Nigeria, more importantly as Survey Coordinator. Inuwa participated in the Nigeria Population Census in 1991 and 2006, Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey, Malaria Indicator Survey, Situation Analysis of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in Nigeria.
He possess skills on Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Questionnaire design, data analysis and report writing, proficient in the use of statistical packages including but not limited to: SPSS, STATA, Epi Info; proficient in the use of Microsoft Office packages, skilled in the conduct, coordination and supervision of small and large scale qualitative and quantitative surveys and longitudinal data collection, collation analysis and reporting, strong documentation and report writing skills, team management, facilitation and presentation.

David Adekunle FASIKU, M.Sc.
Director of Administration and Finance

David is the Director of Administration and Finance. He obtains M.Sc. (Statistics, OAU) and has successfully conducted survey design and sampling during his career at the National Population Commission. David has anchored Survey design on a number of national surveys such as Nigeria Malaria Indicator Survey, Nigeria Alcohol and Drug Use Survey in Nigeria (NASAD) organized by Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Aro Abeokuta (2009), Household Survey on Literacy, Mapping of Schools, Health Facilities, NGOs, CBOs, Communities in the River State conducted by Ministry of Niger Delta Affaires (2009). He participated as State Coordinators on the Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey in 2003 and 2008. He has excelled himself as a seasoned sampling expert with the knowledge of the Nigerian enumeration areas based on 2006 Population Census on his finger tips. David has served on a number of National Technical Working Groups where he has brought his skills to bear in many national surveys and those conducted by DRMC.

Osifo Tellson OJOGUN, B.Sc., M.Sc.
Director of Monitoring and Evaluation

Osifo is the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation. He obtains B.Sc. (Sociology) and M.A (Population Studies, Uni. Ghana). Osifo possesses adequate skills on project management/coordination, data collection, data analysis and report writing. He had participated in many national surveys in different capacities. Such surveys include the Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey, Situation Analysis of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, Sentinel Survey, etc. Osifo has sound understanding on the use of SPSS and STATA as statistical packages for data analysis.

Samson ‘Tunde Adebayo, Ph.D.
Director of Corporate Marketing

Samson is the Director of Corporate Marketing. He obtains B.Sc. & M.Sc. (Statistics, Unilorin) and Ph.D. (Biostatistics, Munich-Germany). Samson is an academia and a seasoned researcher with skills on design of Operations Research, Exit Survey, Mystery Client Survey, etc. Currently he is a Professor of Statistics at Nasarawa State University. To his credit about 95 articles in peer-reviewed journals and refereed conference proceedings. Samson was a University of Ilorin scholar and a German DAAD scholar. His current areas of research include Bayesian spatial modelling of maternal and childhood health data. He has competence for many statistical packages notably among which are STATA, SAS, BayesX, SPlus, SPSS, etc. Samson has coordinated the conduct of many national surveys such as the Nigeria National HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health Survey, Nigeria Malaria Indicator Survey, Integrated Biological and Behavioural Surveillance Survey, etc.