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Training of Trainers (TOT) and Other Field Functionaries

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Although some people are more adept at interviewing than others, one can become a good interviewer through experience therefore DRMC also ensure that its field functionaries have experience not just in interviewing but in the research area of interest.

DRMC training usually consist of a combination of classroom training for a couple of day to weeks depending on the tools involved and practical experience which is done by carrying out a pre-test in a locality with similar characteristics with that of the study sample.

Before the training of functionaries, a study of training manual carefully along with the questionnaires, writing down any observations/ questions Is carried out by the Trainers for a couple of days or weeks depending on the volume of tools involved and All asked questions/ observations are clarified by a qualified person or persons from the DRMC team of from the Clients at any time to avoid mistakes during the training of field functionaries.

During the training of functionaries, participants will be listening to lectures about how to fill in the questionnaires correctly. Also conducting practice interviews with other trainees and with strangers. You will go through mock interviews and be evaluated based on your performances and the questionnaires that you complete will be edited to check for completeness and accuracy.

During the training, Interviewers are encouraged to learn from each other by asking questions and talking about situations encountered in practice and actual interview situations both during training and while in the field. It is imperative to DRMC that any questions that are not clear to you at the Training are clarified so that the question is asked in a standard format and does not end up being interpreted differently by each interviewer (and respondent).